DIY: Holiday Burlap Banner

With the holidays coming up, let the decorating begin! These burlap banners are so fun and easy! You can put them anywhere around your home or workplace (fireplace, window sill, front porch, etc) and write whatever you like! They are also a great addition to birthday party's or weddings!

Materials needed:

1 yard of burlap fabric 
12 ft (minimum) of twine
Acrylic white paint
Hot glue 
Stencils ( if you don't want to buy stencils you can also create your own!) 

Hint: if you don't feel like individually cutting each burlap piece, Michaels arts & crafts store has pre cut burlap banner kits! ;)


1. Start by cutting your burlap to whatever shape you would like.

2. Secure your stencil on the burlap piece and paint. Let stencil dry a little before removing so you don't accidentally smear.

3. After stenciling each letter on the burlap pieces and letting fully dry, arrange your letters and begin hot gluing to the string of twine. ( I measured my twine according to where the banner would be displayed) 

4. Let glue dry 

5. Hang using thumbtacks, nails or tape! 

Enjoy and give thanks!!